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Green Home Building

Rufty Homes built North Carolina’s very first green HEALTHY HOUSE™ back in 1994. This health conscious, environmentally sensitive residence set the standard for green building innovation in our state.


Soon after we also constructed Duke Energy and Progress Energy’s very first green EnergyStar residence in the state. That’s why we affectionately refer to Jon Rufty as the “Dean of Green.” Long before going green became in vogue, Jon established Rufty Homes as the state’s foremost advocate for sustainable, luxury home building so that it fosters human wellness, resource efficiency and energy savings. We’re encouraged that fellow builders in our community now aspire to sustainability.

For the past quarter century we’ve innovated new ways to educate consumers, builders and realtors about available green products and technologies, and their benefits to the home construction industry.

Embodying this mindset, every Rufty home is exclusively designed to the lot so your residence exists in harmony with nature. Exceptional privacy and spectacular views are trademarks of our craftsmanship. Homes typically feature unique courtyards, breathtaking patios, and driveways that frame striking original residential designs. All aspects of your home are carefully considered, from interior design and decoration to landscaping and family space specifically designed for the way you live.