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Our Walk-Through Process

We understand that choosing a builder for your custom home project is a personal decision. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime and the added layer of designing a custom home means that you want the end result to exceed your every expectation. 

Over the past 25 years, we’ve been working diligently to ensure that we listen to your every need and put in the hard work so that the home you’ve always dreamed about becomes your reality. 

One thing that sets us apart from other home builders is our Rufty Walk-Through process. This post will guide you through what you can expect from our Walk-Through and why we believe it’s integral to what we do. 

An Overview of the Rufty Walk-Through

When you think of the term, “walk-through,” the first thing that comes to mind might be a homeowner’s final chance to walk around their home in the day or two leading up to closing. While that’s important, and still part of our normal process, ours is different. 

What is it?

For every project we work on, whether a remodel or new home construction, between four and eight people will walk through the home over the course of several hours, taking a detailed look to make sure every little thing is up to the Rufty Homes standard. 

During the Rufty Walk-Through, the project manager keeps a detailed list of items that need to be fixed, organized by room. We also mark each item in the home that needs to be addressed with a piece of blue tape to ensure that nothing is overlooked. 

Who is involved?

At a minimum, the project manager and client coordinator for the project always attend the Rufty Walk-Through. It’s not uncommon for the warranties liaison, a business development team member, and business manager to be included as well. And sometimes, even the architect or interior designer for the home will join the Walk-Through as well. 

We include so many different people in different roles in this process so that we can have fresh sets of eyes looking at the home. When you’re working on a project day in and day out, you might start to overlook things, so bringing in a new perspective is critical to ensuring that we check over every last detail. 

What do we look for during it?

Literally everything! During the Rufty Walk-Through, we open every cabinet, open and close every door, turn on every light, check every faucet, check the latches on every door and window, and more. We’ve even been known to attach a mirror to a yardstick and hold it up to ensure that the space above every door trim has been painted. No detail is too small!

Aside from just walking through the home and looking for things that stand out as needing to be finished, we try to put ourselves in the mindset of the homeowner, by looking at the home as it will be used by them. 

For example, we’ll sit on the toilet seat and look around, stand in front of the stove in the kitchen, or sit on the edge of the bathtub. From those vantage points, we’ll look to see if anything looks off or missing. If there’s a small mark on a baseboard that can only be noticed when sitting on the edge of the tub, we want to notice so we can get it fixed right away. This is what separates us from other home builders.

When does it happen?

We schedule the Rufty Walk-Through to take place a few weeks before the project is expected to be completed. This ensures that there is enough time for us to work with subcontractors to get our “punch list” of updates completed well before the closing date. 

We do everything in our power to make sure that closing isn’t delayed because of items found during the Rufty Walk-Through process. 

Why is it important to us?

Our goal in doing this is to have everything fixed and completed before the client does their final walk-through just before closing. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards and we accept nothing less than perfection for each project. 

We also know that closing on a home is stressful in and of itself. The last thing we want any of our clients to experience is a disappointment upon seeing unfinished areas when doing their final walk-through before getting the keys to their new home. 

What happens during the final walk-through?

Like many home builders, we do a final walk-through with our clients just prior to them moving into the home. But, we don’t need to use this time to make a list of small things that are yet to be finished, because all of that is already done, thanks to the Rufty Walk-Through. 

Instead, we use this time as a client “orientation” by teaching the homeowners how to really live in their homes. We go through water and gas cut-offs, their maintenance contracts, and give them all the necessary contact information they’ll need for subcontractors. We think of this as a time to make our customers feel ready and excited to be moving into their new home. 

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