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Client Testimonials

Hear what our client families have to say about their custom home building or home remodeling experience with the Rufty team.


“My heart sings when I look at my new house. I’m grateful to you for the way that you treated me. I always felt that you had my best interests in mind, and that you were trying to take care of me. You were good at helping me to figure out what I wanted. That made the whole process much easier than I thought it was going to be. I actually enjoyed myself, and that’s pretty amazing.”   –Carol

“We couldn’t have chosen a better building team for making this journey an exciting and enjoyable one for us. Mike and I are so happy and excited to be in our beautiful new home. We are very grateful to all of you for your hard work and dedication to create our lovely home.”   –Mike & Cheryl Greiter

“Thank you again for the beautiful job that you and your company did on my home. I ADORE IT! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new home! It was such a pleasurable experience to have my home built by you and your company. Everyone was so nice and accommodating.”   –Mary Jo Swain

“Our experience was wonderful.”   –Prabbaber & Philomine Vaidya

“Jon has this motto, that when you buy a home from his company, he wants you to be totally happy in that house – and it’s true. It’s pretty amazing, Jon really does stand by the homes he builds. We highly recommend Jon, and his whole team is the same way. They really enjoy what they do.”   –Susan & Jim Ogle

“This was the best experience I have had. Jon’s advice, council and suggestions on ways to improve our home were most appreciated. It has been a pleasure to recommend Rufty Homes to other customers, and hear that they have also been very satisfied with their homes.”   –H.C. Robbins

“In designing and building our custom home, the entire staff at Rufty Homes acted in a cooperative, caring and professional manner. The standard of excellence to which each and every one is dedicated makes us proud to say we own a Rufty Home.”
–Ruth Ellen & Charles Hora

“When Jon was building our house we found him to be very accessible, always available, easy to talk to and to get in touch with.”    –Dr. Eric Rapporport

“Jon is an exceptionally qualified builder, a person anyone could rely on to build a high quality house.  He has the best crews working with him, and he stands behind the homes he builds – he’s just super.”   –Joe & Sharon Colson

“We’d recommend Rufty Homes to anyone who was planning to do a remodeling job. Remodeling is not like building a new house, when you can go over and visit it once in awhile – we lived in the house during it all.”   —Dr. Douglas Gollehon

“I really love the emphasis you have chosen to build homes of excellence, and I know you are respected and your work is watched. Your attitude and outlook and class work together in all this.”   –Sonya McKay

“I’ve known Jon for over 40 years. He’s always been a good listener and someone who cares about the quality of his work. He brings those qualities to his business. I’m sure that when you decide to build a Rufty home, you enter into a durable partnership with Jon and his associates.”   –Michael Harvey