Rufty team members Parker Shanahan and Rob Bond recently trekked to Almeria, Spain on a mission to learn about the very latest in sintered stone. This ultra-sophisticated surface is a blend of raw materials used to produce glass, porcelain and quartz surfaces.

Exclusive surface technologies far surpass typical household materials

The team returned with exclusive knowledge about the very latest eco-friendly, indestructible surfaces with nearly infinite possibilities for countertops, flooring and siding used indoors and out.

Rufty-Homes-Rockinteriors_7676 copyParker and Rob were accompanied by Laura Grandlienard, owner of ROCKin'teriors, on the visit to Spain to the Cosentino headquarters.

80 Years of Stone Quarrying

In 1940, Eduarda and Eduardo Cosentino, parents of the current owners of Cosentino Group, started quarrying marble in Almería, Spain.

Two generations of Cosentino family members helped grow the company throughout the mid-century.

During the 1980s, the company expanded throughout Europe, yet the Cosentino brothers realized that their industry would need to move beyond just extracting and processing "White Macael" marble. This led them to adopt a strategy of innovative research and international expansion.

Early results from Cosentino's ambitious project included the 1990 opening of a revolutionary factory to manufacture Silestone®. Within five years, Silestone became one of the construction industry's most popular kitchen surface products.

Rufty-Homes_RockinteriorsFurther research and development has led to other eco-friendly, recycled surfaces. The most cutting-edge development is Dekton®, an ultra-compact surface set to revolutionize architecture and interior design.

Sintered Stone Technology

According to Parker and Rob, Dekton's sinterized particle technology is a high-tech process that reproduces an accelerated version of the metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes when subjected to high temperatures and pressure over thousands of years.

"It synthesizes the most innovative procedures from manufacturing stone to create this revolutionary new material for our construction industry," said Rob. "The material has zero porosity and eliminates any subtle defects that cause tension or weak spots in natural stone."

According to Rob, while our temperate climate in North Carolina doesn't provide for the extreme scenarios, "Sintered stone has a low coefficient for thermal expansion, making its surface resistant to extreme heat and the coldest environments."

Laura Grandlienard at ROCKin'teriors also likes to refer to the surface as "spectacularly indestructible."

With their mission completed, Parker and Rob returned to Raleigh with an exclusive understanding of the most innovative new technologies in surface materials. When you're ready to build something truly special, be sure to ask how you can use the very latest technologies in your home.

High-Tech Advantages of Sintered Stone

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