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The familiar sound of a screen door shutting instantly transports Renate Snipes back to a simpler time. It reminds her of days spent at her grandmother’s house and the happy memories she made there as a child. 

When she and her husband, Danny, contacted Rufty Homes to build their dream house, they wanted the home to become a place that their own grandchildren would think back about fondly. As a result, the Rufty team helped them build more than just a home, but a sense of community for their family. After all, their family is what’s most important to them. 

“Our whole family had always dreamed of living in separate houses, but together, all on the same piece of land. Our daughters and their families have always lived just down the road from us, so we’re used to being close. Finally, our daughter, Stephanie, encouraged us to take the leap and start looking for the perfect property we could all enjoy together,” explains Danny. 

So, over the course of almost three years, they searched until they found 25 beautiful acres that they could all build houses that could fit their needs. Danny and Renate chose Rufty Homes as their builder, and are extremely pleased with how wonderful Rufty made their experience.

“Thanks to our project manager, Garth Stevens, and the level of quality and detail that were put forth towards his entire team. We were just blown away at how easy the building process was with Rufty,” says Renate. 

They were also impressed by the fact that the Rufty team went above and beyond, every step of the way. When there was a mix-up with the interior paint color – Simple White versus Simply White – Renate was disappointed but prepared to live with it. She remembers, “I had signed off on it, not realizing it was the wrong color, so I just told myself that it was something I could get over.”

However, that wasn’t good enough for Garth. He and his subcontractors worked to repaint the entire house as a surprise for Renate. Danny says, “In over 40 years of marriage, I’ve surprised her with special gifts, but I’ve never seen her as happy as she was when she walked in and saw the paint was corrected. It made her day and it’s a testament to how Rufty always puts their clients first.”

That beautiful, light shade of paint was an integral part of Renate’s design plans for a bright, open space that would let the sunshine flood their home. She also incorporated mixed metals throughout for a modern take on their classic home. After having traveled to luxury resorts over the years, they wanted a home that felt like a resort every day, which is exactly what Renate’s vision brought to life. 

They were so pleased with the building process that they’re already thinking about what’s to come next for their property. Their plans include a clubhouse with a commercial kitchen, where they can host dinner parties as part of rewarding their associates on their business team. “Of course,” Renate says, “we’ll be working with Rufty again on all of our future projects, including a fourth home on the property for our youngest daughter, when she’s ready.”

Until then, Danny and Renate enjoy relaxing in their home, listening for that lovely sound of the screen door shutting, seeing their children and grandkids coming in to make more memories together as a family. 

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