5 Unique Client Design Requests That Will Leave You Feeling Inspired for Your Own Project

One of the most rewarding parts of building custom homes is that every new build or remodel is so unique to the homeowners. There’s no “one size fits all” option when it comes to a Rufty home. 

We love when our clients come to us with creative ideas for incorporating their personalities, hobbies, and more into their home. If you’re looking for ways to inspire your own creativity in your next home project, here are a few fun projects we’ve worked on for our clients.

1. Hitting the Links... Inside

golf simulator

What’s better than spending time on the golf course? Perfecting your swing from the comfort of your own home. One of our clients talked to us about wanting to be able to work on his swing regardless of the weather or time of day. 

So, we built a golf simulator to allow him to work on his craft, even when it’s not possible to hit the course. Other clients have also requested golf simulators to use as a fun indoor activity when entertaining guests. 

How to use this as inspiration for your home

Before you build or remodel, think about some of the hobbies you enjoy the most. Is there a way to incorporate them into a space in your home? 

Whether you build out an art studio as a place to work on your paintings, or you build a golf simulator of your own, having a dedicated space for your hobbies is a great way to make your home more enjoyable.

2. Like Music to Your Ears

One of our clients, a musician, wanted a special place to showcase and enjoy their passion. We built a music room, complete with display cases for their beautiful guitars and a comfy space perfect for impromptu jam sessions with friends and family. 

For another client, we built a full recording studio, so they could produce music while at home, instead of having to go to their offsite studio. 

How to use this as inspiration for your home

For these clients, music is more than a hobby; it’s a passion they’ve turned into a career. When thinking about your next project, incorporate a space for your work, beyond just a home office space. 

If you’re a writer, for example, plan out a cozy room that eliminates distractions and helps you focus. Or, if you’re a therapist, you might build an office you can use for in-home appointments. 

3. Sharing the Court

When working with clients on a new project, we love when the whole family gets involved! In one case, our clients talked to us about how much their daughters love playing tennis. 

To help them have a special part of the home to hone their skills, we built an indoor/outdoor tennis court. This gave them a dedicated place to practice, regardless of weather. 

How to use this as inspiration for your home

Get your kids involved! Even the smallest members of your family will want to have some say in your newly built or renovated home. Get their feedback on some of the features they’d most like to have and develop a plan to bring some of them to life. 

If their ideas are a little too grand, you can even just let them help pick out paint colors or light fixtures for their rooms.

4. A Special Place for Furry Friends

Custom Dog Room

For many of us, pets are considered to be a part of the family. That’s why so many of our clients have us build out a dedicated space for their pets. We’ve created dog rooms, with a plush bed and a window so they can enjoy the view, as well as cat rooms for our feline friends. 

We’ve also included dog washing stations, feeding drawers, and special pet access doors, to ensure that the needs of our clients’ pets aren’t overlooked. 

How to use this as inspiration for your home

Most of the time, when we work on pet spaces, we try to capture unused space and put it to good use. Are there any blank areas you can transform into a place your pet will love?

This is also a good opportunity to hide away some of the less appealing parts of owning a pet, like creating a hideaway place for a litter box, to keep it out of view from guests.

5. Bringing the Outside In

There’s something about tending to plants that can help us feel calm and remind us to slow down a bit. So, a few of our clients have wanted to incorporate nature into their home design. 

One of our favorite ways to do this is with a living wall. While the end result is jaw-dropping, it’s set up to be low maintenance, so it only looks like something that takes a lot of time and dedication to cultivate. 

How to use this as inspiration for your home

Incorporating greenery in your home is a great way to balance out and offset more neutral spaces like a blank wall. If you don’t have the space for a full living wall, you can still use pops of greenery around your home. 

What season are you designing for? We'd love to help with some fall home decor ideas for your home.

Or, if you love to cook, consider planting a small herb garden in your kitchen. It will bring an element of nature to the space and give your dinners a fresh dose of flavor.

Find Ways to Make Your Home Your Own

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