A Forever Home with a View

Barbara and Frank didn’t intend to build a new home. After having recently built a beach house on Bald Head Island, the last thing they were thinking about was going through the lengthy – and often stressful – process of building another home. 

Until, that is, they found the perfect piece of land. When they stumbled upon the spacious lot in Carolina Crossing, they started to think about what would be on their wish list if they did decide to build a new home. Frank explains, “We were looking for better access to an outdoor space, zero-entry access from the garage, and more functional home office spaces. Of course, we never could have guessed just how much we’d have the need for home offices in 2020.”

As their wish list grew, it became clear that they were ready to start the building process again, with the goal of creating a place that would become their forever home.

Luxury Living Room

After an amazing experience building their house on Bald Head Island, they wanted to replicate that process by choosing a local builder with a great reputation. All it took was one meeting with Jon Rufty for them to make their decision. Barbara says, “We could tell instantly that he was really listening to what we had to say. Just in our initial conversation, he came up with ideas and asked questions to dig deeper to figure out what was most important to us.” 

That, combined with the Rufty team’s reputation in the community, Frank and Barbara had no reservations about choosing Rufty Homes for their project. 

The choice of interior designer was just as simple. Barbara loves design, and when thinking about the special elements she wanted to incorporate in this home, she knew she wanted to work with the designer who had a keen eye for detail when working on their previous build, Vicky Serany of Southern Studio Interior Design

Luxury Custom Kitchen

Vicky says, “I was thrilled to work with Barbara and Frank again. We have such a great rapport, and I feel like I had a real understanding of their style after completing their home on Bald Head Island. They wanted a home that would reflect their traditional style with a modern twist and it was a pleasure helping to bring that vision to reality. And, of course, I loved getting to see their sweet German Shepherd, Kemba, again.”

When planning out the most important features of their home, Barbara and Frank wanted to put an emphasis on their beautiful backyard space. “We really wanted to bring nature inside, to the point that you can stand at the front door and look all the way through to the back of the house and see our backyard,” explains Barbara. Vicky and Rufty Homes worked together to make it happen. In keeping with that theme, they incorporated a spectacular view of the backyard into Frank’s office, thanks to a large, picturesque window. It makes for a nice mental escape in the middle of a long day. 

When they’re not inside working, Frank and Barbara try to spend as much time as possible out on their back porch, soaking in the sounds of the small waterfall, with Kemba content by their sides. And, on days when the weather is perfect, they raise the phantom screens to become fully immersed in their own personal oasis. 

Another important aspect of the build was the kitchen. With its oversized Galley sink, high-quality custom cabinetry, and thick countertops, it’s truly become the heart of their home. 

Luxury Kitchen

Of course, something unexpected happens in almost every home building project, and in Frank and Barbara’s case, it was that their project manager accepted a new opportunity shortly before they moved into their home. Fortunately, their new project manager, Garth Stevens, immediately stepped in and filled in the gaps. 

Barbara says, “Even though he came in at the end of the project, Garth went above and beyond, day after day. In fact, we still go to him with questions and he’s always there to offer a helping hand. We had a great connection right off the bat.”

For Garth, the feeling was mutual. “Working with Barbara and Frank was such a great experience. This was my first project since joining the Rufty team and we all just worked together so well. I love that we’re still friends to this day.”

Luxury Custom Bathroom

Since moving into their home in August 2019, Frank and Barbara have grown more in love with it every single day. In fact, Barbara recently created an art studio in the garage so that she can have dedicated space for her oil painting, which she finally has time to pursue in earnest. She says, “It truly is the home of our dreams. It’s where we spend time together, make memories with our kids and grandchildren, and fulfill our life’s passions. I can’t recommend the Rufty Homes team enough if you’re looking for your own forever home.”

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See what our clients have to say...

  • “It truly is the home of our dreams. It’s where we spend time together, make memories with our kids and grandchildren, and fulfill our life’s passions. I can’t recommend the Rufty Homes team enough if you’re looking for your own forever home.”

    - Frank & Barbara

  • “Of course we’ll be working with Rufty again on all of our future projects, including a fourth home on the property for our youngest daughter, when she’s ready.”

    - Danny & Renate

  • “There was never a question that they were putting our needs first and they were always honest with us. At one point in the building process, we talked in-depth about reconfiguring the layout of the home to change the orientation of the garage. Jon was upfront with us and told us they’d absolutely do it if we wanted, but he warned us that lumber prices were starting to go up, which could impact the project.”

    - Chad & Caroline

  • “We put a lot of time and thought into designing our home, and it was important to us that we could find a builder that would support our vision, while also helping us make smart design decisions. After our first meeting with Rufty Homes, it was clear that they understood our goals and were on board some of the more unique aspects that were important to us.”

    - Bill & Donna

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© 2022 Rufty Homes Inc. All rights reserved