A Timeless Classic Custom Build That Pairs Rustic Elements With Femininity

The Thompson family ended up creating the custom build of their dreams, all thanks to a little luck. They liked the idea of building a forever home, but they were in love with their current location, on a picturesque, quiet street filled with trees. So, when they noticed a lot became available on the street, it seemed like kismet. 

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Elizabeth Thompson remembers, “We learned that Jon Rufty had a bid on the lot, so we met with him about a custom build home that would fit our needs as our boys grow up. Unfortunately, Jon didn’t end up getting the lot, but he told us he had a feeling that the man who owned an adjacent lot might be ready to sell. As it turns out, he was right. We purchased that lot instead and talked to Rufty about how to bring our plans to life.”

The Thompsons had been through numerous renovation projects on their past house, so they had a good feel for their personal style. They wanted a classic, timeless look that incorporated elements of nature to complement the primarily black and white color scheme. 

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“We knew what we wanted, but the thought of pulling together a seamless look for our whole home felt intimidating, so we leaned on Jon Rufty to help us find the right designer,” explains Elizabeth. Jon put Elizabeth in touch with Heather Holcombe, and it was a perfect fit from the start. 

Heather explains, “It was a great team environment right from the start. Everyone clicked from a personality standpoint and it made the whole process so much easier and enjoyable.”

Elizabeth agrees, saying, “We valued Heather’s opinion so much. She really helped us take our ideas about what we liked to help give the house a seamless look where everything goes together.”

One of Heather’s suggestions was to incorporate a brick floor near the backdoor, which serves as a landing space when the family and their dogs return home. It was also a nod back to Elizabeth’s childhood home, which had brick flooring. “Our boys play lots of sports so we love having this low maintenance (but beautiful!) area where everyone can just come in and take off their stuff. And, I appreciate that it reminds me of where I grew up”, says Elizabeth.

luxury custom build

While Elizabeth’s husband, Corey, has a demanding work schedule, he still wanted to be involved in the design process for the vaulted ceiling. Heather, as well as the whole Rufty team, worked around his schedule, and the result is a stunning display of wood beams, bringing a rustic warmth to the area. 

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“Everyone was so understanding and respectful of our time. In all of the past renovation projects we’ve done, I’ve never seen a team go out of their way to work with us as much as Rufty Homes did. Even when we went to their offices for meetings, they’d have popcorn and drinks for our boys and let them watch TV while we talked,” Elizabeth remembers.

Back at their new house, the boys can still enjoy popcorn, TV, and video games, but now it’s in their upstairs lounge space, complete with built-in bunk beds, a wet bar, and a full play area. 

“This custom build home was created with the idea that it’d be our forever home, where our kids play now and eventually bring their own families one day. Rufty Homes made it possible and we couldn’t be happier with the end result,” says Elizabeth.

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  • “It truly is the home of our dreams. It’s where we spend time together, make memories with our kids and grandchildren, and fulfill our life’s passions. I can’t recommend the Rufty Homes team enough if you’re looking for your own forever home.”

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