How to Create the Perfect Mudroom

When we talk to homeowners about designing their dream home, whether through a custom build or a renovation, we talk about every little detail. Our clients usually have strong ideas about what they’re looking for in a kitchen, master bathroom, etc., but there’s one area of the home that some people tend to overlook: the mudroom. 

However, when incorporated thoughtfully into your home’s design, a mudroom can become much more than an afterthought. You might even find that it feels like a special space for your family to regroup before leaving for the day or a welcoming spot when you arrive back home. 

History of Mudrooms

As their name suggests, mudrooms were originally used as a space in rural homes where muddy shoes could be left to dry. Over time, American families began to incorporate this idea in their homes so they could have an aesthetically pleasing – yet still functional – space to help their household transition when coming in from the outdoors. 

With the evolution of home design inspiration sources like Pinterest and countless HGTV programs, mudrooms have become a place to help you stay organized, store outdoor gear, and more. They’ve truly started to become integral to a functional living space. 

Ways to Modernize Your Mudroom

One of the many perks of including a mudroom in your home is that it’s the perfect space to customize for your family’s unique needs. Here are just a few examples of the ways you might want to modernize your mudroom. 

Incorporate Changing Stations

If you have kids that play sports, you can designate a place in your mudroom for each child where they can keep their uniforms, shoes, and supplies. This will make it easy for them to grab what they need before running out the door for practice. 

Utilize It as a Craft Space

Do you love creating? Make a craft space in your mudroom for all of your supplies! Or, consider using it as a gift wrapping station where you keep wrapping paper, tape, scissors, and ribbon so you’re prepared for birthdays and holidays. 

Create an Organization Hub for your Family

If you find it hard to keep up with your family’s busy schedules, your mudroom can serve as a central hub that includes everyone’s calendar, a place to add to a communal grocery list, and more. Include a spot for your keys, a bin to collect mail, and a few USB outlets to charge your devices and you’ll feel more organized than ever before. 

Install a Pet Shower

Is it a chore to wash your dog in the bathtub? Consider adding a pet washing station to your mudroom instead! Then, you can easily bring your dirty pup inside and get him bathed without having to worry about him tracking dirt all over the rest of the house. Add in a drain and a storage spot for soap and you’ll be all set. 

Create a Dreamy Reading Nook

Your mudroom can become your place to escape into the world of your current read by adding a small bench seat and some built-in bookshelves. Add some soft lighting to complete the space and we bet you’ll find yourself reaching for a book more often. 

Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Mudroom

If you’re wanting to incorporate a mudroom into a smaller space, consider these creative ways to make your mudroom work for you. 

Combine Your Mudroom and Laundry Room

This has become a fairly common practice, but if your home isn’t already set up like this, you might want to build a mudroom space in your laundry room. Especially if your kids have dirty uniforms and shoes, they can put them right in the hamper when they get home.

Include a Small Desk

Do you need a small place to keep your laptop or a spot to work from home occasionally? Instead of designating a whole room as an office, you can add a small desk and a few drawers to your mudroom to serve as a workspace. 

Increase Storage Space

A mudroom is a perfect place to store random shoes, accessories, and other knick-knacks, but without storage solutions, it can quickly become a messy “drop zone” for everything. Instead, install hooks for scarves, jackets, or keys and shelves for other miscellaneous items. You might also want to include cubbies and baskets for a chic way to hide away little things that would otherwise not have a spot. 

What To Do If Your Home Lacks a Traditional Space for a Mudroom

If you don’t think you have space for a mudroom, think again! A little creativity is all you need to incorporate a mudroom in your home. 

For example, consider “moving” your mudroom into your garage. You can install cabinets, hooks, baskets, and shelves along a wall and stop dirt and grime from ever getting inside your home. 

Or, you might turn an unused coat closet into a makeshift mudroom. Depending on your space, you might be able to fit a small bench and add hooks and shelves to the wall or even add hooks to the back of the door. The only limit is your imagination!

Get Inspired

Look through some of the recent mudrooms we've put together for our clients below or click through our full photo gallery and start dreaming up ideas for your own home!

When you’re ready to start planning your custom home or renovation project, we’d love to talk to you about it.

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