Modern Farmhouse Meets Functionality

When James and Melissa Burke set out to build their home with the Rufty team, they had two main requirements: the home needed to reflect their modern farmhouse aesthetic and be functional and accommodating for their four young sons. They decided not to rush the process, buying the Rufty Homes' lot in 2017 and waiting to break ground on it until 2020, when the timing worked best for their family. Carter Skinner, the original home designer, played a critical role in the initial plans, as well as, helped James and Melissa realize their overall vision.

“From the very start, the Rufty Homes team made us feel very comfortable. They took the time to listen to our vision, helped us review lots based on the ideas we had for our home, and were flexible, waiting to start on the build until we were ready,” explains James. 

When talking through their ideas for a modern farmhouse style, they leaned on the Rufty team to help them find the right designer for their project. “They recommended that we work with Jenn Frost of JSF Designs, and immediately we knew it was the perfect fit,” says Melissa. “Jenn has a clean and tailored style with pops of fun and that’s exactly what we wanted to reflect in our home. The connection we formed was instant and it was great knowing we could completely trust her to bring our ideas to life.”

For Jenn, the feeling was mutual. “Melissa was very organized and knew exactly what she wanted. The goal was to create a fun, welcoming, and functional space for their boys, while still incorporating a cohesive modern farmhouse style with pops of blue throughout. We worked so well together and by the end of the project, Melissa and I had formed a genuine friendship,” she says.

Once the build process was in motion, the Burkes relied on their Rufty Project Manager, Garth Stevens, to help find the best possible vendors. “Garth was always so responsive and kept things organized for us. He took the time to shop around for different vendors and provide us with pricing options, which we really appreciated, especially as this was our first time going through the home building process.”

One challenge during the build was that many materials were back-ordered, due to ongoing supply chain issues. What could have been a headache for everyone involved was instead handled seamlessly. Jenn explains, “Though I’ve worked with Rufty Homes many times over the years, this was my first time working with Garth. He made the process easy. Even when dealing with product delays, he kept open lines of communication so everyone was on the same page and knew what to expect.”

While unforeseen issues always arise during a project, there were a lot of fun moments as well, particularly in creating unique spaces for the Burke’s sons to enjoy around the home. “We created an amazing loft space for the boys, which includes a ladder entry and net play area. We also added an indoor climbing wall so they can stay active. But, even outside their rooms, we made sure there were spaces created with the boys in mind. One of my favorite elements was a hidden door in the butler’s pantry that leads to a small hideaway space. The Burkes wanted a beautiful home, but more importantly, it needed to reflect their family and I’m so proud we were able to do that,” Jenn says. 

The end result is a welcoming and cohesive home that is designed to meet the Burkes’ needs now and in the future, as their children grow. Melissa explains, “We love how open the space is and that it’s great for entertaining. We have no doubt that it will be a great place for our kids’ friends to come to hang out as they get older. We can’t thank Rufty Homes and Jenn Frost enough for helping us to navigate the build with ease and deliver the home of our dreams.”
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