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Rufty Philanthropy: Destination Ghana

Saturday, January 20

Categories: Philanthropy

Our own Kelly Nicholson returned from her latest philanthropy mission trip. This time she ventured to Wa, Ghana, a town of nearly 102,500 people in the Upper West Region. Kelly’s team from Truth for Today Medical Missions held vision clinics for 947 patients in Wa over six days.

The medical crusaders also visited Accra, the capital of Ghana, on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. It is the most populous metro with nearly 2.3 million people and a 15-hour drive to Wa.

Accra is notable for its unique architecture. A few buildings are shown here alongside a typical residence in Wa, where the clinics were held. Click on the thumbnails above for a closer look at the compelling buildings.

Kelly’s latest journey offers a snapshot of our community service away from the Triangle and our Rufty Homes jobsites.

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