Types of Roofing for Your Luxury Custom Home

When you hire Rufty Homes for your luxury custom home build, you get to choose every aspect of your home, down to the last detail. From the small things, like the perfect lighting fixture over your kitchen island, to the big ones, like the best types of roofing, we are here to help you make the best decisions while creating the home of your dreams. 

Since your roof protects your home from the elements, the material you choose can make all the difference when inclement weather hits the Triangle. Below, you can learn more about some of the luxury roofing materials we install and how to make the best choice for your home so you feel more prepared for your upcoming build. If you have any questions while planning your project, please don’t hesitate to call us at 919-460-8550 or contact us online.

Types of Luxury Roofing Materials

Here’s a closer look at a few of the luxury roofing materials we install: 


Over the years, asphalt shingles have evolved into a luxurious option for homeowners looking for aesthetic appeal and durability. Modern advancements in asphalt shingle technology have introduced premium lines that mimic the look of high-end materials such as slate, wood, and tile, offering a variety of textures and colors that enhance the visual charm of any home. 

These luxury asphalt shingles provide superior weather resistance and longevity and include enhanced features like better UV protection and improved wind resistance.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles offer a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic that enhances the elegance of any property. Known for their distinctive, rich colors and classic Mediterranean and Spanish-style profiles, clay tiles add a unique charm and high-end appeal. 

Additionally, clay tiles are highly resistant to fire, rot, and insects, and perform exceptionally well in our North Carolina climate. Clay tiles are another environmentally friendly choice, often made from natural materials and fully recyclable.

Cedar Shake 

When you want to create a home with natural elegance and rustic charm, cedar shake shingles can be a great option. Each shake is crafted from high-quality cedar wood, offering a unique, textured appearance that enhances the architectural beauty of any residence.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, cedar shake shingles provide excellent insulation, contributing to energy efficiency by keeping homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Their natural resilience to wind and moisture makes them durable, especially when treated for enhanced protection against fire and pests.

path leading to the backyard in between two trees


Available in a range of sophisticated styles, metal roofs combine modern elegance with exceptional durability. Their longevity is unparalleled, often lasting 50 years or more with minimal maintenance, and they offer superior resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Metal roofs also contribute to energy efficiency by reflecting solar radiant heat, which can reduce cooling costs. Additionally, many metal roofing options are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan, which can appeal to eco-conscious homeowners. 

light blue metal roof in wake forest

Living Roofs (Green Roofs)

A living roof, also known as a green roof, is a rooftop that is partially or completely covered with vegetation, and planted over a waterproof membrane. The system includes layers for drainage and irrigation, along with a root barrier to protect the structure of the building. As the Triangle’s top luxury custom home builder, we see architects often incorporate these roofs into their designs.

Environmentally, green roofs can help improve air quality by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. They also enhance stormwater management by absorbing rainwater, which reduces runoff and the burden on sewage systems. 

Economically, a living roof can extend the lifespan of the underlying roof by protecting it from UV rays and temperature fluctuations, potentially lowering maintenance and replacement costs. 

Heavy Roofing Material Weight Concerns

When installing a new roof, it is important to know that heavier material may require additional engineering to maintain stability in the structure of the home. In some cases, the weight may be significant enough that it requires additional steel beans or levels to support the load. 

When considering what type of roof material you would like, remember that you might have to pay additional building costs to account for the added weight. Heavier materials are considered to be slate, clay, and green roofs.

Average Costs for These Roofing Materials

The prices of these roofing materials can vary based on the exact products and brands you choose, but here are some average costs per square footage to help you plan out the costs for your new home: 

  • Asphalt shingles: $2.75 - $7.00 sq.ft.
  • Cedar shake: $35.00 sq.ft.
  • Clay Tile and Slate: $20.00 - $50.00 sq.ft.
  • Metal roofing: $10.00 - $18.00 sq.ft.
  • Green roofs: $135.00 sq.ft.

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Custom Roof Material

When deciding which roofing material to choose for your upcoming build, consider the following: 

Aesthetic appeal: Select a material that complements the architectural style of your home. 

Durability and lifespan: Luxury options like metal can last decades, offering long-term value. 

Maintenance requirements: Some luxury options, like clay tiles and metal roofs, require minimal upkeep, while others need more regular maintenance.

Energy efficiency: Look for materials that offer good insulation properties. 

Environmental impact: Consider eco-friendly options like a green roof if sustainability is a priority. 

Here to Guide You During Every Decision

No matter which types of roofing appeal most to you, Rufty Homes is here to help you choose the best options for your upcoming build. To learn more about how we can bring all of your ideas to life, please reach out by calling 919-460-8550 or contacting us online

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