Women’s History Month: Spotlight on Kelly Nicholson

Here at Rufty Homes, we’re proud to have so many hardworking women on our team. 

In honor of Women’s History Month, we interviewed Kelly Nicholson, our Business Manager, to learn more about the work she does on our team and within the community. 

What does it mean to you to be in a leadership role as a woman?

It’s a very humbling experience to be in a leadership role because I get a chance to help everyone learn and grow in their positions. There’s a balance I have to strike between being encouraging and supportive and holding people accountable when necessary. It’s a wonderful position to be in, surrounded by an amazing team that has my back just as much as I have theirs. 

What would you consider to be some of your biggest successes in your role at Rufty Homes?

Working in a primarily male-dominated industry, just earning respect on the job site has been really rewarding. It didn’t take long for project managers to call me up to get my opinion on things or ask me to come out to a job site to look at something with them. That realization that they respect my skillset felt really good. 

Also, being in a leadership position, I consider it to be a huge success when employees come to me and tell me how much they love their job and coming into work every day. To me, that’s the ultimate compliment. 

What kind of work do you do within the community?

Community involvement is an important part of my life. Currently, I’m a member of the North Carolina Association of CPAs, the Raleigh Wake Home Builders Association, and I’m on the St. Jude planning committee, helping to plan the 2020 Walk/Run Triangle event in the fall.

I’m also actively involved in my church. I lead Bible study group ministries and volunteer in the nursery, but my real passion is participating in mission work. My husband and I work with a missionary out of Kansas that consists of a doctor and his wife, who’s an RN. We go with them on medical missions around the world, and I help people get fitted for glasses, and work as a pharmacy technician.   

My background in accounting has actually proved to be a great asset for that because it turns out the level of detail and accuracy needed in accounting translates really well to pharmacy work! I’ve also been trained on how to figure out a person’s vision prescription and then find them a pair of glasses that will work for them. 

And, I’m also part of the Jolly Raleigh Klown Alley, working as Twinkles the Clown in local parades, on mission trips with my church, and occasionally corporate events, using any donations I make from clowning to go toward my mission funds for future trips. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to young women who are just getting ready to start their careers?

Find what you’re passionate about and don’t think that the known path is the only path there is. For example, I’m a CPA, but now here I am working at a construction company, overseeing production, working at a job I love. There are a lot of opportunities available, but sometimes you just have to think outside the box to find the right fit for you. 

Check out the photo gallery from Kelly's mission trips and clowning adventures below!

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