Luxury Home Builders Understand Luxury

Unlike most home builders, luxury home builders like Rufty Homes truly understand what it means to create luxury through the perfect combination of client service experience, high-end materials, and premium features.

While many might associate the word "luxury" with expensive European cars or jet-setting getaways, here at Rufty Homes, we believe in a different kind of luxury; a home that's tailored specifically to all of your family's wants, needs, and dreams.

Responsiveness to Your Needs

At the core of the luxury building experience is our team of dedicated experts tuned in to your distinct vision for your home. With you as their number one priority, you can rest easy knowing that everything is being taken care of, from big picture floor plans to intricate details.

Master Craftsmanship

Luxury home builders, such as Rufty Homes, use only the most experienced and talented craftsmen to help build your family's home. Our reputation for quality work and craftsmanship is carried on by each member of our staff, ensuring your luxury home will be built with only the finest materials, using the newest technologies and techniques, all while making sure to reflect your personality and aesthetics in every detail.

Premium Features

Working with a luxury builder allows you to design a custom home that will stand the test of time for you and your family. By using premium materials like natural stone and tile, hardwood flooring, and granite countertops, we create a feeling of high-end, livable luxury. No matter the unique or custom feature you've been dreaming of, Rufty Homes can bring it to life.

Highest Standards

Building a luxury home means being held to the highest standards. From the quartz or marble, you choose for your kitchen countertops to the perfectly designed layout of your master suite, every aspect of your home will be created with the goal of exceeding your expectations.

Custom Design

Custom really means custom when it comes to working with a luxury builder on your home. Your team will work with you to design and build your luxury custom home from the ground up, for a true one-of-a-kind home design. You have absolute freedom to choose all aspects of your custom home, including the exterior style, floor plan layout, kitchen appliances and materials, and more. We encourage our clients to choose one of the amazing interior designers in the Triangle Area that will help guide their design decisions to bring their vision to life.

Looking for A Home Tailored to You?

If you feel like the luxury home building experience might be right for you and your family, reach out to us using our contact form or give us a call to learn more.

In the meanwhile, we invite you to read about the experiences that other homeowners have had with our team:

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See what our clients have to say...

  • “It truly is the home of our dreams. It’s where we spend time together, make memories with our kids and grandchildren, and fulfill our life’s passions. I can’t recommend the Rufty Homes team enough if you’re looking for your own forever home.”

    - Frank & Barbara

  • “Of course we’ll be working with Rufty again on all of our future projects, including a fourth home on the property for our youngest daughter, when she’s ready.”

    - Danny & Renate

  • “There was never a question that they were putting our needs first and they were always honest with us.”

    - Chad & Caroline

  • “After our first meeting with Rufty Homes, it was clear that they understood our goals and were on board some of the more unique aspects that were important to us.”

    - Bill & Donna

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© 2023 Rufty Homes Inc. All rights reserved