A Long-Term Relationship With Rufty Homes Leads to a Stunning Luxury Remodel

A Long-Term Relationship With Rufty Homes Leads to a Stunning Luxury Remodel

Thuy and Mitch Dancik are no strangers to the Rufty Homes team. After buying a Rufty-built home back in 1994, the Danciks have worked with Rufty Homes on four luxury renovations over the years. When they were ready for remodel number five, it was no question that they’d turn to Rufty Homes again.

“We never think about working with another home builder because we appreciate Jon’s trustworthiness. We had our own family business and we know, firsthand, that having integrity is critical in creating the right culture from the top down. Rufity Homes always operates with integrity and we fully trust the team with our home,” says Thuy. 

Over the last two decades, the Danciks have worked with Rufty Homes on the following projects:

For this project, the Danciks envisioned a top-down renovation that started with gutting nearly the entire front of the house 

Thuy explains, “Structurally, the home is still wonderful, but we had some cosmetic changes that we wanted to make. I had always envisioned a more contemporary home for us, but when we were working and had a child at home, it wasn’t possible to take on such a large-scale remodel. Now that the timing is better for us, Rufty delivered, just like we knew they would.”

Specifically, the Danciks wanted the home to reflect their eclectic personalities and the extensive artwork that they’ve collected while traveling over the years. The renovation includes sweeping changes to the home, with the Rufty team installing a stunning new curved staircase, replacing old columns with structural beams, installing new windows, and replacing showers, tubs, floors, and cabinetry. 

As it turns out, the Danciks were lucky to have the Rufty Homes team on hand when they did, as they noticed a critical water issue in the basement just as they were planning to head out of town. 

“We went down to the spare bedroom in our basement and noticed a small dark water spot. It was separate from the renovation work they were doing, but as soon as we told our Project Manager, Don Pegram, about it, he responded as he always does, saying, ‘We’ve got this.’ We were completely confident that they would take care of everything for us, just like they have in the past,” Thuy goes on to say. 

Don and the rest of the Rufty team pivoted, replacing the carpet in the bedroom and replacing the old drain with a new French drain, before getting back to the original renovation plans. 

“It’s no surprise that we’re in love with the work they’ve done on our home. From the curved staircase to the beautiful porcelain tile in the front entry and the gigantic windows that let the view of the outside in, we couldn’t be happier,” Thuy says. “We don’t currently have plans to renovate again in the future, but if we change our minds, Rufty Homes will be the only builder we call.”

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© 2024 Rufty Homes Inc. All rights reserved