Multiple Remodels With Rufty Homes

If you love certain aspects of your home, but it’s no longer fully meeting your needs, upgrading it with a luxury remodel is an excellent alternative to moving. When you’re planning a luxury home remodel in the Raleigh, NC area, one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the process is the company you hire to complete the project. 

Many of our customers have come back to work with us on more than one occasion. Whether you’re deciding to remodel or build, or you’re actively planning a Wake County luxury remodel, continue reading to learn more about what brings customers back to our team time and time again. 

Building Relationships

Our team here at Rufty Homes knows that building great relationships with our customers is just as important as building quality homes. We do this by genuinely getting to know our customers. Whether you choose to remodel or build a new home, the nature of your project is very personal. 

When you trust our team for your project, we take that seriously. By getting to know you, it’s easier for us to help you create a beautiful, functional home that truly fits your family’s unique needs. 

The nature of a building or remodeling project also requires near-constant communication. It’s not uncommon for us to meet with our customers multiple times per week and talk on the phone in between those meetings. 

We believe it’s important to build a good rapport with our customers and in doing so, we develop ongoing friendships that last well beyond the completion of the project. As a result, many of our customers come back to us when they want to build or remodel a new home. 

By the Numbers

Over the years, we’ve had 16 families come back to us for another project, some more than once! Currently, we’re in talks with 4 more families about their ideas for a second project. 

We’re beyond proud of these ongoing relationships and we look forward to continuing to build new ones with our future customers as well. 

Below, let’s take a closer look at a few specific projects where homeowners came back to Rufty Homes for their custom-built remodeling needs. 

Multi-Project Relationships

1. Buckley Residence

Our team built this luxury custom home for the Buckley family based on a lovely home they had seen in Southern France. Spanning across two beautiful lots in Raleigh, the home includes a ball field for their children and a resort-like pool. 

When the Buckley family was ready for an upgrade, they came back to the Rufty team. During the remodeling project, we renovated the exterior and did miscellaneous interior renovations so the home better fit the family’s changing needs. 

stunning luxury home remodel in north carolina

See more photos of this stunning home here

2. Dancik Residence

The Dancik family bought a Rufty-built home back in 1994, not realizing it would lead to a connection that would span decades. In fact, our team has worked with the Danciks numerous times over the years. 

Fast forward 15 years after they moved into their home, the Danciks noticed that their basement was flooding. Unsure what to do, they called Jon Rufty, who personally showed up at the house within minutes, helping to coordinate subcontractors and coming up with a remodeling plan to fix the damage. 

When the Dancik family decided to remodel their home a few years after that, they didn’t hesitate to hire the Rufty Homes team for the project. The remodel included building an in-home music studio, designed with the help of a renowned music studio architect. The project had no room for error, as the studio needed near-perfect dimensions in order for the mathematics of neutral frequency response to work correctly. 

The result is a professional music studio, in which Mitch Dancik even wrote a song inspired by his Rufty Homes project manager, Don Pegram!

“After working with Rufty Homes so many times over the years, why would I ever want anyone else to touch my house?” - Mitch Dancik

Read more about this remodel, see the photos, and listen to “Hanging With the Don” by clicking here

3. Andersen Residence

The Andersen family lives in a beautiful home in Chapel Hill. The home featured 1990s cherry wood that, while classic for its time, the Andersens wanted to update to be more modern. 

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with the Andersen family on three separate projects over the years: 

  • Remodeling the kitchen and living room to allow for more natural light in the space and building an addition
  • Remodeling the laundry room and butler’s pantry
  • Making bathroom repairs 

Throughout these projects, we’ve reconfigured their space, improved the overall lighting, and added more liveable space so the Andersen’s friends and family can gather in their home. 

See the project photos here

4. Abbott Residence

When the Abbott family moved to Raleigh, they envisioned buying a chic, modern home. But, when they actually started to search for a place to buy, they realized they were more drawn to older, colonial-style homes. They decided to buy a colonial home with the bones they liked, with a plan to remodel it to be more modern. 

While the Abbotts had completed small home projects themselves over the years, they knew a remodel of this scale was not something they could do themselves, so they turned to Rufty Homes

There were renovations to nearly every part of the house, but the bulk of the work included the following: 

  • Opening up the living room, kitchen, and breakfast area
  • Gutting the master bedroom and bathroom and reconfiguring the layout to be more open
  • Replacing the ornate finishings with more modern alternatives

After an amazing experience that resulted in the home of their dreams, the Abbotts once again turned to the Rufty Homes team when they decided to add a screen porch to the back of their house. 

“Every single staff member and subcontractor we worked with put in 110% effort throughout the project. We could tell that everyone took a lot of pride in the work they did, working to make sure that no detail was overlooked. Working with Rufty Homes truly eliminated any of the fears we had about taking on such a large remodeling project.” - Carolyn Abbott

You can learn more about this extensive remodel and see all the project photos here

5. Hunter/Rockhold Residence

Frank and Barbara originally worked with Rufty Homes on a custom build, where one of their top priorities was to put an emphasis on their beautiful backyard space. To do this, our team built a large, picturesque window in Frank’s office, which looks out over the spectacular view of their backyard. 

We also built a back porch near their small waterfall so Barbara and Frank can sit outside, relax, and soak in the sounds of their water feature. The porch features phantom screens, allowing the couple to become fully immersed in their own personal oasis on fair weather days. 

Frank and Barbara were so pleased with Rufty’s custom-build process that when they decided to build an addition to their home, they didn’t think twice about hiring our team for the job. 

Learn more about the custom build and see photos from the project by clicking here

Preparing for Your Luxury Remodel in Wake County, NC: The Rufty Difference

As you can see, it’s not at all uncommon for our clients to come back to us when they want to transform their homes to better fit their family’s needs. We understand that home renovations often have a reputation for being stressful and overwhelming, which is why we’ve worked hard to simplify the process. 

Here’s what you can expect when you hire our team for your home remodel.

An Initial Consultation

We’ll use this time to introduce you to our team, find a home site (if needed), outline the details of your project, and talk to you about your budget. 

Pre-Construction Agreement

Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll create preliminary sketches for your design, finalize the details and budget for your project, and reserve a spot in the schedule for your remodeling project.

Remodeling Agreement

At this time, we’ll finalize your proposal, and having you sign the remodeling agreement. This is also when we’ll schedule an official start date for your project and schedule design appointments. 

Construction and Closing

This is when the real fun begins! During this phase, we’ll begin construction on your project, you’ll meet with your project manager, and we’ll secure any permits as necessary. Once construction is complete, we’ll take you on a final walk-through to make sure you’re completely happy with your updated home. 

Your Local Luxury Home Remodeling Experts

When you’re planning a home remodel in the Raleigh, NC area, trust the name that countless homeowners have relied on… over and over again. The Rufty Homes team is proud to be the Triangle’s top choice for custom builds and luxury home remodels and we’d be honored to work with you next. 

You never know, it could be the first of many projects we work on together! Contact us today to talk to us about your remodeling ideas.  

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